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Nick James / Mr. New England Leather 2019

Nick is the current Mr. New England Leather 2019 and former Mr. Snowbound Leather 2018. A co-founding member and former Road Captain of the Green Mountain Bucks of Vermont, he now lives in the Boston area where he works in higher education. He realized his love for fetish and kink in his teens with a love for the look and feel of leather, rubber, and sports gear. He lives with his husband and two dogs. He thanks his husband for his unwavering support to live his out his kinks. His message is “Give yourself permission to see how beautiful you are, to be proud of your kinks and to be better toward yourself and those around you.


Hellen Damnation

Hellen Damnation has served the Boston community since moving to the area in 2015. This is her fourth Mr. New England Leather weekend. Over the past four years she’s helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profits supporting our community.

Her ministry focuses on promoting universal joy, acceptance, and inclusion. She encourages people to live their truths without shame or judgement.

Prior to moving to Boston she was an active member of the DC gay and leather communities, including holding the title of the first DC Drummer Boy.



LasciviousJane is a power-femme switch, kinky burlesQueer, and sexologist. In addition to being perpetually covered in leather and glitter (a bootblack’s worst nightmare), she is Ms Philadelphia Leather 2015, the first in a decade, and is International Ms Leather 2016.

She is also a multi-award winning drag and burlesque performer/producer. Over the past thirteen years LasciviousJane has performed all across the United States and Canada and was the Artistic Director of Philly’s award winning Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque. She is known as Mama’s GlitterMama and is the first queer woman to win the underwear contest at the Dallas Eagle. LasciviousJane has judged Mr & Ms NJ Leather, Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Leather Woman Bootblack, MAL, ICBB, and IMsL among others. In her spare time she enjoys teaching the art of striptease, getting dirty in her garden, finishing her Ph.D, and community organizing. LJ is the recipient of the 2017 South Central LSb-CBB Judges Merit Award, the 2017 Mid Atlantic Regional Pantheon of Leather Award, and was named Command MC’s 2018 Leather Person of the Year.
LJ has performed burlesque at or Emceed International Ms Leather, Leather Leadership Conference, 12 Days of Christmas in Baltimore, Folsom Street Fair, Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival, Mr. Maryland Leather and is a regular on stage in Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC and New Jersey.
LasciviousJane is an associate member of the Philadelphians MC and one of the Mr. & Ms. Philadelphia Leather Contest Emcees. Her favorite way to help a fundraising event is by shimmying out of her clothing or topping from the stage with her sweet and salty voice.

In addition to growing a human and finishing her PhD, LasciviousJane has spent the better part of the last year perfecting her 1950’s housewife skills the way Rosie the Riveter would do it, while working hard to undermine her lovely half’s attempts to rid their home of glitter, rhinestones, and costumes.


Q Darkqwolf

Q Darkqwolf’s a producer & host of fetish, social and community-focused events, including The Eagle NYC’s longest-running party Jockstrap Wednesdays, Rough Sex NY, K!NK, DarkTea at RockBar and Jockstrap Happy Hour—a monthly fundraiser for local LGBTQ nonprofit organizations. Q also services the Fetish community as a member of the executive committee for the board of Folsom Street East Inc. He’s Mr. Eagle NYC 2016, an IML38 Top 20 Finalist, IML40 judge and one of #The38Specials. Q is an Alpha Wolf born & raised in Brooklyn, whose packs are Leather, Rubber, Skin and Bear. But above all though, Q’s primary pack is his Family—both blood and chosen.

Keep tabs on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @Darkqwolf.



Here he goes again on his own.  Ryker lives in Florida, a man without conviction. He’s a man who doesn’t know how to sell contradiction.  He flags red, gold, and green. That’s red, gold and green.  He was Mr. Heartland Leather 2014 in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. He bought his real first six string. He bought it at the five and dime. He played til his fingers bled. It was the summer of ’69.

Turn around.  He entered the world of fetish and kink in a way that many do – at the Ramrod Bar in Fort Lauderdale.  There was nothing he could do . . . a total eclipse of his heart.

His mantra is to build up your confidence so you can be on top for once.  He’s just happy to be the next judge for you and for contests, leather and rubber, across the world.  He’s ee it all go down and he’ll make you start to . .. . smile.  He says to contestants – Carry on my wayward sons.  There’ll be peace when you are done.  He has more than a feeling – he can hear the old song they used to play – and is going to watch someone walk away – with the title of Mr. New England Leather.



sharp is originally from Mexico and has been living in New England for the last 4 years. Right after he moved to Boston his journey into fetish and BDSM began, and what a journey it's been. After being interested in haircuts and power exchange for years, it wasn't until he met Alpha slave spot and his Master, Sir Vince, the transformation into a rubber skinhead began. Since then sharp have dived into the amazing and supportive fetish communities in both New England and Europe. He has been part of the House of Master Vince for a year and a half now, where he is been trained by Alpha slave spot in old school BDSM practices. sharp enjoys many facets of the kink world including rubber of course, power exchange and protocol, skinheads, forced haircuts and BDSM. He has found many new friends within the New England community as well as new interests and sides of himself that only fetish can show.